2015 Acura RSX Type S

Thursday, January 29th 2015. Acura

2015 Acura RSX Coupe2015 Acura RSX has been reported by some reliable sites. They informed that the car will be designed with beautiful look that will be very pleasing for the market. It has sweet design that is a bit different from the previous model of 2015 Acura RSX. In short, you could find out better elegance around this new version compared to the predecessor.

2015 Acura RSX Concept

As we have mentioned that the company will design 2015 Acura RSX will very elegant style through its beautiful appearance. Moreover, the company also offers it with interesting cabin through better design with some modern touch to make it a bit refreshed. We glad to know that Acura will be very selective to design this new model and their main prior is about creating this car to offer good performance. It is not surprising if they also calculate the efficiency of 2015 Acura RSX that is affected by the best component to use. As a sedan, the company will prepare it to cover the demand around American and Syracuse market. It is interesting to know that the company has given some official information through their website including the details for the specification, the strength and also the weakness for this car.

So far, 2015 Acura RSX is still unknown when it will be released and it is still a big mystery. We do hope that the company will offer it with some best features that ideally will support this car. Surely the tight competition in the market should make the company gives something special to make it much more different among its rivals.

2015 Acura RSX Specifications

2015 Acura RSX will go with sweetest performance and it is supported by 2.liter engine in order to generate the output for around 210 horsepower. This output will be transmitted to the six-speed manual gearbox and as a result, the car could give a much more efficient performance compared to the previous model with the support of machine i-vtec. Surely the car could give great suspension in order to create a sense of comfort. Unfortunately, we still have no exact information about when the company will release it. We do expect that the car could be launched sometime in 2015 but with those improvements added, it is possible to see the car later in 2016. At that time, we could also get the information for its price tag.

2015 Acura RSX Image Gallery

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