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Thursday, January 29th 2015. Bentley

2016 Bentley Azure Front2015 Bentley Azure is issued to be discontinued and this bad issue is spreading around the media. Well, we think that it will not happen until the company could produce the 2015 edition in the market. We glad to know that the company will release the car soon in the market around this year. As an ultra-luxury British convertible, it will be available with the length for about 18 foot and it is designed for four passengers with the support of rear-wheel drive convertible. It is also powered with twin-turbocharged V8 engine 6.8 liter that is rated at 500 horsepower with the top speed about 179 mph. It is said that there will be metal-cased dash console with high-quality leather for seats. The wheel is 20 inches and it will be the 6,000 pounds monster.


As we know that the car has been introduced for the first time in 1995 and with three-year break, the company offered it with Continental platform. In 2007, the car came out with architectural design that could make you recall about its design language in 1998. With updated engine and new Arnage platform, the company gives no major changes until 2009 and at that time, the optinal features were offered which was Naim Sound system, 20 inches f wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes. After a year, the company replaced the standard Azure to give more power. Now, 2015 Bentley Azure is coming with new doors to give its long-dormant body style as a four-door convertible to make it much more different from the Rolls-Royce Phantom DropHead Coupe.

It is also offered with triple-layer fabric roof to complete its superb sound insulation. When you touch the button, it could be folded to panel that is behind the back seats. For this folding and unfolding process, it needs 14 seconds. Xenon headlights, dark tint grille, 20 inches of five-spoke wheels, front wing vents, sculpted and retractable flying B mascot are some interesting features around its exterior.


2015 Bentley Azure will go with spacious cabin and it has ample rear legroom. It is supported with hand-polished wood, thick carpets and opulent leather. High-tech features will give luxury nuance and it will be featured with power-adjustable front seats, drilled alloy pedals, diamond-quilted upholstery, tri-zone climate control, premium Naim sound system and the last is iPod/USB interface.

2015 Azure Engine Performance and Fuel Consumption

2015 Bentley Azure is built with twin-turbo V8 engine 6.75 liter from Bentley to revive 4,500rpm and it goes an auto gearbox for rear wheels. It offers impressive acceleration through 875Nm of torque. In just 5.9 seconds, it could go for about 0-60mph sprint time but the efficiency is less.


The only strong rival for 2015 Bentley Azure is Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

Bottom Line

2015 Bentley Azure is quite beautiful with the base cost for about $370,000 and it is a more modern car but less expensive.

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