2015 Chevy Reaper Specs and Price

Wednesday, May 13th 2015. Chevrolet

2015 Chevy ReaperPerhaps you have heard many times about the issue of the coming for F-150 Raptor SVT. Now, from Ken Lingenfelter, we found a hint that Chevrolet is quite possible to launch the brand new 2015 Chevy Reaper. This information revealed at National Automotive Dealers Association.

2015 Reaper gets the engine support from Lingenfelter with the presence of Turbocharged V8 engine under its hood to produce the output for around 550 horsepower. Lingenfelter will be the part of this project with the task to deal with the best technical details to support its performance. The design will be from Southern Comfort Automotive. With some great companies working on it, it is hard to deny that this edition will be more special than its predecessor.

2015 Chevy Reaper Specs

When we are talking about this car, we hope we could reveal many details around its concept. With the partnership between Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive, we expect something more including the more efficient performance in 2015 Chevy Reaper. Gladly, we have some hints available. It happens because the confirmation from Mike Copeland, the vice head of State of Operations so we can gain more information about its new concept especially the strategies that they will do to develop this car.

Copeland mentioned that the company would like to make this car has off-road performance with more efficient design. The advanced engine will be the task for Lingenfelter to give more upgrades around it. It sounds more complete when there is also some treatment given by Southern Comfort to make the design of 2015 Chevy Reaper more interesting. As a result of the partnership, it is quite possible to see the car has better system and technology as the part of the specification such as the suspension system with the personalized shock absorbers. We are getting more curious when many unofficial sources mentioned that the car is ready to be produced.

Another sources mentioned about the possibility for 2015 Chevy Reaper to get Turbocharged V8-cylinder and also 3.5 liter of EcoTec to produce 550 horses. This engine will support the car to be able to reach the maximum speed for about 100 miles per hour.

2015 Chevy Reaper or 2015 Ford Raptor

You can find out the higher bumper and reinforced skid mechanism added in this version. It is featured with LED lights daytime running with rim wheel about 20 inches. To deal with shocks, the company offers gauges and rock guards so that 2015 Chevy Reaper works for all roads.

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