2015 Dodge Magnum Release Date

Wednesday, May 13th 2015. Dodge

2015 Dodge MagnumIf you would like to find an attractive car with the sporty design, we recommend you to wait the new model of 2015 Dodge Magnum. It is reported that the car has high-speed performance. It is built by Dodge with the stylish and trendy concept in order to amaze buyers once it is ready to be released. With this concept, it would be the best way for Dodge to help the life of 2015 Dodge Magnum.

2015 Dodge Magnum Concept

In 2005, Dodge was released the first generation of this car. It was designed with the support of six and eight cylinder engines and it was enough to amaze buyers at that time. The engines were quite helpful to support its good performance. It was very acceptable on the market. Because the competition in sport car segments are getting harder right now, 2015 Dodge Magnum will be released by Dodge with more changes and improvements. Dodge has no other ways left in order to keep their dominant and existence.

Learning from the previous model that is the 2005 model year, the company empowered it with the V6 engine 2.7 liter with the output to produce for around 190 horses for the base version. It was also designed with another engine that is V6 3.5 liter for higher output that was 250 horses. The highest trim, R/T version was offered with Hemi engine to generate 425 horses and this engine was also used by the 2006 SRT 8. At this time, the engine for 2015 Dodge Magnum is still unidentified. We expect that the company would like to offer some engines as before to support buyers to find out their needs. Of course, a significant improvement around the output and fuel consumption is crucial right now.

When it comes to the cabin of 2015 Dodge Magnum, the company would like to give some improvements to keep it affordable without giving too much burden for the cost production that will determine the price tag later. It has 27.8 cubic feet of space and the back seats are foldable. It has lowered roofline to make it more stylish.

2015 Dodge Magnum Release Date

During our research from some unofficial sites, we found no detail yet about when it will be revealed. The company does not confirm any single rumor yet until now. People are expecting that at winter of 2014 or sometime in this year they could find out the hint for the release date of 2015 Dodge Magnum.

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