2015 Dodge Stealth Price and Concept

Tuesday, May 26th 2015. Dodge

2015 Dodge Stealth PriceLong time ago, Dodge was known well with their Dodge Stealth. Until this day people are waiting to see its arrival. Finally, everything seems to be happened because there is a strong indication if Dodge will release 2015 Dodge Stealth. It is designed with amazing concept that is quite potential to have a place on automotive market. From its look, it will be more futuristic than before. There will be more changes added around it to make it more different than before.

Dodge Stealth 2015 Exterior and Interior

The futuristic is the main hint for us in order to know more about its concept. It should be a car with the high quality of materials. It does not need to be a luxurious car, but it should be completed with advanced technology. Some unofficial information reported that 2015 Dodge Stealth has futuristic shape with its sharp look.

In addition, you can also find out its elegance from its details for example the headlamps. The look is expected to be the main prior for the company to attract more buyers at the very first sight. 2015 Dodge Stealth is a muscle car with the unique look to make it stand out among other cars in the same segment.

However, it is not easy to find more details about this car because the information is totally limited and we have no more hints available especially for the cabin. We only know that the futuristic car could be defined with the advanced technology including the upgraded features or perhaps some new features in 2015 Dodge Stealth. Futuristic car is also could be defined as a car with high quality materials including using leather upholstery, aluminum accents and much more. One thing for sure the car is more unique because the scissor-door as its icon that is rarely added for muscle cars.

It is possible to say that Dodge would like to make it more different by adding scissor-door which is commonly used by many coupe cars. That is why many rumors appeared if 2015 Dodge Stealth will be elegant just like a coupe. It does not be overwhelmed with many accessories and details inside. It will be a simple muscle car with elegant look.

2015 Dodge Stealth Engine, Release Date and Price

It goes the same for the engine that it very limited to be revealed. We cannot predict about the engine that will be used by Dodge. The possibility is using turbo system with the support of all-wheel drive setup and it should have great suspension to deal with any terrains. 2015 Dodge Stealth is expected to come out sometime in 2015.

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