2015 Ford Torino GT Release Date and Price

Saturday, February 7th 2015. Ford

2015 Ford Torino GT2015 Ford Torino is designed by the well-known automaker in America that is called Ford. This company is known well to produce muscle cars and its popular product is Mustang that later has been the icon of Ford. At this time, it is reported that the company has a big ambition in order to release 2015 Torino that is coming with a very high engine performance.

2015 Ford Torino Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Torino is quite stylish around the whole body. The company supports its tail body with curved design while the front side of the car has curved-shape. There is no bumper for this car and it has 17 inches of wheel base alloy wheel. There is a big rumor that the company will make the car has simple cabin as the power of its elegance.

Inside the cabin, you could find out the complete multimedia such as LCD screen to help you easily adjust the entire function of the car. The front body is supported with wiper and the front body is a bit lower than the tail body. It is no wonder that 2015 Ford Torino has perfect design.

2015 Ford Torino Engine and Performance

It is hard to find out the details related to the engine specification for this new version. We have collected some information about 2015 Ford Torino and from the Ford Website, we could find out that the company will support it with V8 engine EcoBoost 5.0 liter and it is placed inside the trunk of this car. With this engine, the car is able to produce the output about 443 horsepower and also 525 lb-ft of torque. This engine surely will make the car much more perfect with the great engine specification. It is also popular as one of the NASCAR vehicle that is quite limited since the company only produces it about 3,000 units. In just 4 seconds, this engine is rumored to help the car run from 0 to 60 mph with the top speed about 214 mph.

2015 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, we have found no further information when it comes to the release. Because the company has not released any further information yet, the price tag is still unknown. Learning from the features presented in 2015 Ford Torino, it is possible if the company offers it for about $40,000. Well, perhaps the car is quite expensive but the perfect muscle design with great engine will give no regrets.

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