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Thursday, February 12th 2015. Hummer

2015 Hummer H1 Front Angle2015 Hummer H1 is targeted to come by General Motors in order to keep its current popularity. It is known well as a great car that has been produced in 1980 and it will be an authentic SUV. With its coming, the new 2015 Hummer H1 is expected to go with some unique details from its predecessor so people could feel nostalgic riding this military transport car.

2015 Hummer H1 Changes

For its history, the car was launched in 1992 and it gained big popularity quickly among other rugged off-road cars because the epic ability. It was designed with 16 inches of ground clearance while the front and rear overhangs are quite short to make the car able to remove any barriers with the height for about 22 inches and it handled about 60 percent grade. Moreover, what made the car hard to be forgotten was about the 72-degree angle of approach along with the departure angle of 37.5 degrees for 2015 Hummer H1. It is interesting to know that this car is easily could ford more than 30 inches of water. It is not surprising if now, people are expecting to see the car with impressive design and ability.

2015 Hummer H1 Concept

2015 Hummer H1 will go with three common variants as its predecessor including the soft top convertible, the wagon body alpha and also the four-door hard top sport utility truck version. Well, we should admit that there is less known variant which is two-door pickup truck that is mostly has military sporting anti-air turrets. For other variants, you could find it out for troop or even cargo transport even slant-back four-door that is using the same body style as the Humvee which is used by U.S. Military. 2015 Hummer H1 also has two doors and four doors pickup version but it is only available for fleet livery. It is totally unique that could deal with off-road condition. Inside, passengers and driver could feel comfort with maximum mobility compared to other civilian SUVs. We have a strong feeling that the company will support it more to offer more features to make it radical compared to its original jeep version even if they share the same cut for its grille opening. This car is quite stable with the wider track.

2015 Hummer H1 Specs

2015 Hummer H1 seems has no mistake at all once it is built because this new version is supported with the excellent power, the comfortable interior support and the exceptional vibrations. It could be the king of SUV and the powertrain that is possible to use is turbodiesel V8 engine 6.5 liter to generate the output for about 205 horsepower and 440 power of torque. This engine will be mated to four-speed auto transmission with four-wheel drive system. Some nice features for its performance are added such as the locking front differential, the optional Off-road Adventure Package, four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, front and rear air conditioning, traction control, deafening Monsoon stereo, central tire inflation system, heavy duty hydraulic shock absorbers, six-figure price tag and much more. The car has glacial acceleration with 10 to 12 miles per gallon.

Hummer H1 Image Gallery

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