2015 Plymouth Barracuda Price Concept

Thursday, May 28th 2015. Plymouth

Plymouth Barracuda Front AngleMasculine, perfect engine and muscle look are possible to be seen in 2015 Plymouth Barracuda. This car is planned to give you a much better design that is rumored to replace the dominance of Dodge Challenger. This sedan is quite familiar among buyers because the performance and masculine design. It is a very tough car which is coming out with some changes and improvements.

The Design of New Plymouth Barracuda

Since the company does not release the concept car yet, what we could do is collecting some information based on reliable sources to know more about the possible design for 2015 Plymouth Barracuda. It seems that the company will make it much more acceptable with some updates for both the exterior and interior.

Around the exterior, you can find out that the previous model was lack of real shape and now, based on some rendered pictures, the company would like to offer 2015 Plymouth Barracuda with better look. Thanks for the corrections they have planned to make it more stylish with the tough look. It is coming out with the LED lamps for both headlights and taillights so that the outer part of the car is quite stylish. When you go inside the cabin, surely you can find out the sporty and simple design applied in it.

The Engine of Plymouth Barracuda 2015

Because it is designed as a muscle car, the most important thing that the company needs to do to attract buyers is about the engine department. It should be powerful with the reliable performance. The hood hides quite great engine performance. It is rumored that the company is possible to offer supercharged HEMI engine with 6.2 liter in 2015 Plymouth Barracuda which is positively able to produce for about 600 horsepower or even more than it.

The Release Date and Price of 2015 Plymouth Barracuda

We cannot say many things when it comes to the release date and price of this new edition since the company does not release any single information yet when it is ready to be released. We have been waiting the coming of 2015 Plymouth Barracuda for a quite long and it is rumored that the company will release it at the end of this year, 2015. We cannot predict about the price tag that the company will offer. In order to deal with Dodge Challenger, of course it should be offered with lower price tag without reducing its quality and performance.

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