2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Review

Thursday, July 2nd 2015. Plymouth

Plymouth Roadrunner ConceptA better design is very possible to offer in 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner compared to its predecessor. At this time, rumors mentioned that the company would like to offer it for the market in 2015 to deal with some great competitors.

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Concept

Since we are talking about the concept of this new edition, everything is quite possible to find out. First of all, many reliable sources reported that there will be some modifications to offer especially for the cabin of 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner. You can find out new seat covers with the redesigned trim, headliner, rear quarter trim and the redesigned dashboard console. These changes will be enough to give more stylish look in order to attract buyers in the future.

Based on the concept, 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner has more modern design which is written by Michael Leohard. Its concept will be a smart combination of 1971-1975 Plymouth Road Runner and the current Dodge Challenger. This design is designed for auction on eBay and it will be sent to Los Angeles Auto Show if everything goes well.

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Specs

If you would like to know about the engine specification that will be used by 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner, you may find out a turbocharged version of HEMI V8 engine with 6.1 liter in order to produce the output for about 620 horsepower for SRT8, and the torque power is about 650 lb-ft. As a result, the car is capable to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. We should admit that this engine is quite good and what we expect is it should be very comfortable to ride.

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Release Date

The hardest part about this car that is difficult to find out is about when the company would like to release it. Some unofficial information mentioned that the car is possible to be released for the market sales sometime in the next year. But we found no confirmation yet from the official regarding to this issue. Surely it will be a great competitor for other cars in the same segment once it is ready to be launched. 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner has high popularity with the huge demand among buyers in its market. With the huge demand and high popularity, it would not be a cheap car especially with the strong output that it could produce. Well, it is better for you to start saving your budget from now on.

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