2015 Pontiac G8 GT Price and Release

Friday, January 23rd 2015. Pontiac

2015 Pontiac G8 Specs2015 Pontiac G8 is one of the hottest topics to talk since there are a lot of rumors for its arrival. It is said that the company will provide it as the newest design and it was known well as the most popular product from the company. By redesigning this car, it will be the common strategy that is also done by other cars including the rivals of 2015 Pontiac G8. It is interesting to know that the company will not only give more refreshments to make it a bit different from the current model. It is the only way left to keep it among the competition. This great sport car is prepared to release with some improvements around the aspects even around the engine.


One thing that is strongly improved is around the bodywork of this car. This car still has the DNA of sport car which means it is coming out with sporty look around the exterior of 2015 Pontiac G8. There is a strong possibility that the company will keep the platform design in order to keep its current body language. It is claimed by some rumors that the company will restyle some parts of the bodywork but does not remove its current body language. The restyled parts are the headlights, rear spoiler and also grille but it is still a rumor.


Although there is no confirmation yet from the company, there is a strong indication that the company will redesign the cabin. Besides, there will be a new high material for the cabin and the dashboard will be restyled for 2015 Pontiac G8. Furthermore, some new technologies are given by the company in order to give much better driving experience than the current model.


One of the most awaited parts about 2015 Pontiac G8 is about the engine. This sport car is available to be released soon but until this day we do not see any official information related to the engine from the official which means we have no clues at all to predict about the engine. Fortunately, there is a big issue that the car could be designed with the excellent TVS 1900 supercharger 500 engine in order to help the car generating the output for around 500 horsepower and in 4 seconds, the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.

2015 Pontiac G8 Price and Release Date

Speaking about the release date, it is still not been confirmed yet by the company. Some rumors are mentioned that this car will be produced around the beginning of 2015. About the price tag, it is estimated that the cost could reach for about $32,000 to purchase the new 2015 Pontiac G8.

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