2015 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

Thursday, February 19th 2015. Pontiac

Pontiac Grand PrixAs a new car, 2015 Pontiac Grand Prix is designed with sporty design language and the cabin is totally comfortable yet luxurious. It is expected that the company will improve its performance to be much better than the previous model with the larger brakes, lightweight wheels, sticky rubber and sporty suspension.

2015 Pontiac Grand Prix Concept

2015 Pontiac Grand Prix is coming out with very luxurious design concept to make it as one of the best sedans for the market. It is strongly believed to go with very comfortable and stylish nuance around the cabin. It is designed as a practical car that should be on your list when you want to purchase a new car. In addition, it is mentioned by some reliable sources that the new 2015 Pontiac Grand Prix will be available with lighter design and it will keep its reputation as the best selling sedan. It is quite interesting to know that the company will feature it with advanced technology system and comfortable cabin that is friendly to use. Of course, the company has big ambition to design it as a comfortable car to deal with the future market.

2015 Pontiac Grand Prix Specs

Based on some rumors, it is reported that the company will design the new 2015 Pontiac Grand Prix with fuel-efficient, safe and comfortable performance. This car is expected in order to get the good-seller version around sedan segment. Of course, its arrival could jeopardize other strong rivals especially for sedan cars. The company is expected to design this car with detuned version of 2014. Under the hood, it is quite possible to see this new version with the support of V10 engine 8.4 liter in order to produce better output than before. Although the detailed information for its acceleration, horsepower and top speed are still unknown, the car is claimed to go with great machine.

2015 Pontiac Grand Prix Release Date and Price

2015 Pontiac Grand Prix should be released soon for American market and we expect to see its coming for sales around the beginning of this year. When it comes to the price tag, there is no current information available which means we need to wait more until the company announces its arrival. Since there will be other Pontiac cars that will be produced and released, it is very possible if the car will be launched later right after their siblings.

Pontiac Grand Prix Image Gallery

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