2016 Acura CLX Concept Car

Tuesday, March 17th 2015. Acura

2016 Acura CLXThere is a strong rumor that 2016 Acura CLX will use the platform from Accord in order to deal with some particular rivals. This car has old name that has been used in 2003 and now the company will rename it with TLX with some reasons. The company wants to give a nice surprise for sport car lovers because the company will offer 2016 Acura CLX with some variants of sport cars that is using the same name under S-series. It is quite interesting to know that the company will pay attention around the engine as the main prior of the development. Twin-turbo is added with astonishing performance to make the car even faster than the previous model. It is featured with double exhaust to give different sound with some specific details around the designs. It has comfortable design for passengers with lighter bodywork than before.

2016 Acura CLX Exterior and Interior

2016 Acura CLX has no significant changes to offer especially around the bodywork compared to the predecessor. It sounds nice when the company promises to give something new around some parts. It has lighter materials to install as the best way to cut some weights off the car. It also expected to have much more aerodynamic with more economical fuel to use and it also has maximum maneuverability section. For the lights including the rear lights and headlights, the 2016 Acura CLX will be equipped with something new but it is still a surprise. This car could support for about five people so that it is quite roomy and spacious. It has safety driving with comfortable design as the prior through its luxurious design.

2016 Acura CLX Specs

The metallic elements are removed around this 2016 Acura CLX and it will be removed with some new things to keep the weight lighter than before. It is strongly assumed that the car could go with eight to nine transmissions and it depends on the type of the car. For all new models it is possible to see four-cylinder engine that could generate the high energy so that it is able to run faster than the previous model. Some driving modes are ready to offer such as city drive, highway and much more. It seems that the company will design it with standard wheels but it is equipped with four spare wheels that are quite perfect for racing. With the advanced technology, the starting price could go for about $31,000 to $45,000 for 2016 Acura CLX.

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