2016 BMW M3 Coupe Release Date

Friday, March 13th 2015. BMW

New BMW M3 Front Angle2016 BMW M3 will be available as the coupe version and there is a huge anticipation from the fans about its return. We should admit that this car has outstanding design through some improvements around the efficiency. It seems that the car will not have any weakness at all through the refreshments especially for both the interior and exterior. The newest style in 2016 M3 will be supported with contemporary touch by including carbon fiber around the roof. The car is possible to offer in US market and gladly, the company has announced the official information for its production.

2016 BMW M3 Specs

Interior and Exterior

It is not surprising if the company wants to do many things to improve it because this car is the most legendary luxury sedan in their production. Based on some reliable sources, 2016 BMW M3 will be produced with 0.3 inches wider fender flare intransigent than M4 version to make it more effective. Compared to the M4 version, this car is also has greater center of gravity because it has 1.7 inches higher dimension and it has minimal handling. The car has specific handling balance with enough action around the rear axle so that driver could easily enjoy driving 2016 BMW M3. The holder in the rear suspension will give something more to deal with the handling. For F30 3 Series sedan, it will be built with four substantial rubber donuts in order to isolate the cabin for any issue related to vibration.


We have heard that there will be naturally aspirated engine to offer in 2016 BMW M3 in order to give best solution for the regulation of fuel economy and emissions. The engine will replace the old V8. For E90 variant, it has inline six S55 that is able to produce about 425 horsepower and also 406 lb-ft of torque. We do hope that this engine could support the car to give something fantastic once it is launched on the global market.

There is a big possibility if the company will present this car to showroom or dealership around the beginning of 2015. The hardest part to tell about 2016 BMW M3 is the price tag. It is still hard to predict about the cost for this new generation. The company also gives no hint at all about the price tag to offer since they have not estimated the cost production yet.

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