2016 Camaro Z28 Specs and Price

Monday, February 9th 2015. Chevrolet

2016 Camaro Z28 Specs2016 Camaro Z28 as a sport car that is well-known as a “Bumble Bee” will keep its debut for the next year and it will be the latest edition that is built by Chevrolet. It is not surprising that the company will give some special touches to attract many buyers. This great sport car will be designed with gorgeous body line and the engine performance is quite excellent. It is a perfect option for you who love sexy but fast car. Although, the company still give a lot of camouflage around 2016 Z28 but there will be a new design available. It is reported that the company will support it with some improvements here and there.

2016 Camaro Z28 HorsePower Engine

Speaking about the powertrain, there is no exact information that has been released by the company yet. We only could assume that the engine would not be too different from the 2015 model year that is V8 engine 7.0 liter in order to generate the output for about 505 horsepower for 2016 Camaro Z28. With this engine, we could predict that it is very possible to see this car comes with slight improvements especially around the engine. However, we have no way left unless waiting the further official announcement.

2016 Camaro Z28 will be available with some changes around the bodywork. Although it is still covered with some camouflages, but clearly we could see that some improvements are presented. One thing that you should note is the changes will not remove its current design language since it is the characteristic to keep the car recognizable when it is launched in the market. The difference is the company will offer this new version with smaller body compared to the current model so that the weight will be lighter than before. This change will be helpful to increase its speed and performance. There will be rear spoiler on back and it could be an extra for the performance.

Since there are no pictures available yet about 2016 Camaro Z28, we cannot reveal the cabin and the improvement around it. It is quite possible to see the car with elegant design with the support of high-quality materials especially for the seats. There is a big expectation that the car will be designed with a very neat and sleek dashboard. Around the navigation panel, some features are ready to support your driving. Some great points are added to make the cabin more comfortable with the cozy nuance for a long ride.

Release Date and Price

Because the car is still under the production, there is no exact data we could reveal about the release date and price. We only had few pictures released about the bodywork and it means there are no information about the cabin and the engine so we need to wait more for 2016 Camaro Z28.

2016 Camaro Z28 Image Gallery

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