2016 Chevelle SS Concept and Price Rumors

Tuesday, February 10th 2015. Chevrolet

2016 Chevelle SSThere is a big rumor about the presence of 2016 Chevelle as the part of plans from the company to launch. It is strongly predicted that it will hit the market around 2016 as a sport car. The company is quite popular because they are able to produce high performance car from truck to SUV. They also has big name to produce sport cars. The car is a bit similar to Camaro and it is issued that the newest edition of this car will be called as 2016 Chevelle.

2016 Chevelle SS Concept


There is something more than the engine that you cannot deny to purchase New Chevy Chevelle. What makes people want to wait its arrival is the redesigned exterior. Based on the rumors, the company plans to redesign the exterior to be much more modern and stylish. The significant changes are around the restyled front side including the restyled grille and headlights. About the bodywork, it has much more aggressive style to give much better aerodynamic compared to the current model.


Other rumors are also running around the exterior. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will redesign the cabin of 2016 Chevelle. It means that it is very possible to see some refreshments around the cabin with the redesigned dashboard and control panel. Moreover, there will be some new sophisticated features in order to support you with the entertainment and safety system for riding this car.


As the legends of sport cars from Chevrolet, 2016 Chevelle will get new engine as the main attraction to get more buyers. If it comes true, it means that the car will be one of the most anticipated cars in the future. Some strong speculation even come out that there will be two engine variants to complete the trims. For the base trim, it will be offered with turbo drive inline four 2.0 liter engine in order to produce the output about 294 horsepower while the highest trim will be available with V6 engine 3.3 liter for more powerful performance but it is still unknown.

2016 Chevelle Release Date and Price

Speaking about when the company will launch 2016 Chevelle, there is still no confirmation yet from the official. We only have heard about the rumors from the reliable sites that this sport car edition is very possible to be launched around 2016 and it is estimated that the price tag is about $30,000.

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