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Sunday, November 2nd 2014. Dodge

Dodge Dakota Front ViewThe new 2016 Dodge Dakota will be the fourth generation of the model since the first one presented in 1987.For decades, Dodge Dakota has been one of the most favorable option on the market. But the new auto will come with a new design aiming to bring more comfort and luxury, thusappealing new customers. It is also expected to be stronger. Also, it will be more powerful and will likely have a very efficient powertrain. It is strongly rumored that the 2016 version will offer more engine options will be available. Here is more about 2016 Dodge Dakota that you should know.

2016 Dodge Dakota Redesign

The 2016 Dakota is intended to be the top ranked truck of 2016. It will be released with an all new appearance and platform. Also, the car will be a bit larger with more luxury. The substantial changes will be seen at the front of the auto. There will also be some revisions in the engine, to give 2016 Dodge Dakota a better performance.The redesign of the 2016 Dakota should make it appear more aggressive, yet modern. It is also expected to give more space and comfort.

There are rumors thatthe new model will be based on a new platform, which is likely on one of the Jeep versions. However, most changes could be expected on the exterior.

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior and Exterior

For the exterior,the front of the 2016 Dakota will likely have a more stylish pair of headlights and chrome grille. The entire length of the car will be traversed by the chrome trim. The bumper’s coloris believed to be black. The cargo space is predicted to be expanded and improved. In terms of interior, 2016 Dodge Dakota will properly meet the demands of pick-up users today by intensely incorporating new technologies.

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine Specification

About the engine of 2016 Dodge Dakota there are not many details that could said for now. However, it is expected that the engine specification will not be that different from that of its competitors. In other words, the new car will likely have the common powerful V-6 4-cylinder engine capable of generating 210 horsepower. However there is still a possibility about other engine choices in order make it ahead in competition. This is believed to be a V-8 engine for generating 320 horsepower.

2016 Dodge Dakota Price and Avilability

The official price of 2016 Dodge Dakota is yet to be released. However, if the Dakota seeks to catch the market yet again, then it should have a competitive price. Official release date has not been announced yet but it is expected around the fall of 2015.

2016 Dodge Dakota Image Gallery

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