2016 Dodge Dart SRT Price and Release Date

Sunday, November 2nd 2014. Dodge

2016 Dodge DartMany car enthusiasts believe that the 2016 Dodge Dart SRT is going to break through on the high rank of the auto list competition. To achieve the best result, the Dodge manufacturer will refresh and redesign this car model as good as it could be. In fact there are so people in city who cannot be more patient to see the car, which is labelled as the next generation of Dart model by Dodge. For these people, there is no any strong reason to prevent them from welcoming the new 2016 Dodge Dart.

2016 Dodge Dart Redesign

With a latest badge of the compact style, it is still unknown yet about the rolling out of the 2016 Dart SRT. It is however believed that some parts of visual upgrades will include a rear diffuser, a larger apron intake hood scoop, anda pair aggressive bumpers, which are going to complete the new 2016 Dodge Dart car model. In addition to that, under-the-skin progression of the 2016 Dart are a stiffer, extra driving modes as well as suspension of performance-tuned feature. The 2016 Dart SRT from Dodge auto manufacturer will come for the sense and it will also feature the compact version with highly improved performance.

2016 Dodge Dart Engine Specification

The special details on specification of 2016 Dodge Dart have not been enclosed by Dodge. However, it is expected that with the use of 2.4-L of Tigershark engine type, the new model is going to present an increase up to 260 horsepower. combined with. In fact, the 2016 Dart SRT with the Brawny model is going to integrate a turbocharged 4-cylinder motor unit, which could be equal with those used in the Neon SRT4 and the Caliber SRT4 models.

2016 Dodge Dart Review

Depicted as a compact coupe, the 2016 SRT model should have the standard specifications for a coupe. Potential buyers can really expect something new to this auto and should be guaranteed of huge innovation. The good news about this latest model is that Dodge offers high innovation through it. Not to mention, the new 2016 Dodge Dart model is deemed as the expectation of all auto buyers mainly the car enthusiasts.

2016 Dodge Dart Price and Availability

The price of 2016 Dodge Dart is approximately $ 25,000, which is very reliable. Although December 2016 is likely to be the right time for releasing this car at the auto markets and around, the announcement of the car availability is kept a secret according to the trusted source.

2016 Dodge Dart Image Gallery

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