2016 Dodge Journey Price and Release Date

Sunday, October 26th 2014. Dodge

2016 Dodge Journey Front ViewIn upcoming years there are lots of new cars are coming and 2016 Dodge Journey is among some high-tech vehicles thatmany people are waiting very eagerly. This amazing car is predicted to come in year 2015 or 2016, but the estimations have taken new levels for this sport utility car. The car model is truly great and surely will offer any driver all he or she needs in a dream SUV car. For the high-tech technology of this Dodge car, the auto makers have made the solid grounds. This 2016 Dodge Journey car is going to be manufactured by Chrysler group, which recently has released some wonderful car models

2016 Dodge Journey Exterior

About the specifications of 2016 Dodge Journey exterior, comparisons have been attributes to Chrisler 200. However, but between the two of themthere are significant differences. The primary market of Dodge Journey is aiming to gain European market. Thus the body is designed to be classy and yet it introduces subtle European style.  The sleek design represents high class quality and to the pre-existent platform there have been rumours that minor revisions will also be introduced.

2016 Dodge Journey Interior

In terms of interior, as far as initial reports are concerned, there has been serious discourse of a redesigned interior specs for the 2016 version. According to the car specification, which clearly says tha this SUV is a family car, we can ruly hope a lot of space for passengers as well as cargo. More that that, we can also hope an improved cabin with lots of in dash modifications. This quite much sums up the 2016 Dodge Journey interior specs.

2016 Dodge Journey Engine, Transmission and Drivetrain

Basically the previous Dodge Journey generation i.e. 2015 model is the innate inspiration for the new 2016 Dodge model. The fresh version offers a very heroic specification specification considering two particular engines used with a little difference to its entirety genre. There are two different engine choices for 2016 Dodge Journey offered by Dodge. The first option is an engine consisting of a for cylinder DOHC specification along with 2.4-L capacity, which is capable of generating an optimum output of about 173 horse power and166 lbs-ft of torque. The other engine choice basically includes a V-6 version of DOHC engine with 3.6-L capacity, which is quite capable of producing 283 horsepowerand a torque of 260 lbs-ft.

2016 Dodge Journey Price and Release Date

There is no definite release regarding with the launch date of 2016 dodge journey, but sources confirm that it will reach the markets by the end of 2015. Although official note has not yet been released on the price, but we can expect a low price range.

2016 Dodge Journey Image Gallery

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