2016 Fiat Spider Price and Release Date

Monday, April 13th 2015. Fiat

2016 Fiat SpiderDon’t be surprised if you find out a big prediction about 2016 Fiat Spider. Some rumors mentioned that this car will be the center of attention once it is released on the market as a roadster. As we know that Fiat has been producing some iconic cars and we cannot deny about their big consistency to keep their existence. It seems that this car will be the new weapon to deal with Alfa Romeo that is ready to build their new spider series.

After collecting some reports, we found that 2016 Fiat Spider will be a bit similar to Mazda MX-5 with the lightweight architecture and quick handling support to make it faster than before. There is a big expectation that this car will be offered with the weight over 2200 pounds. It means that this version has lighter bodywork than before.


In line with the unclear information for the price and the release date, Fiat also keeps all information about the engine under their hat. But, there is a big indication if 2016 Fiat Spider will be powered with four-cylinder engine with 1.4 liter intercooled multi air turbo to boost its current speed so that the car is able to cover for more than 28 mpg in city and 34 mpg on highway. There will be some features including the disc brake to complete four wheels and two cameras for driver assist.


For the main attraction, it is presented around the bodywork which is mentioned that the car will have a sport car style. Although the appearance is a bit smaller than before, this car is coming with stylish and cool design because the compact body with aggressive look for 2016 Fiat Spider. It could be a best option for everyday use such as for traveling, for going to school and even for working. There is also convertible roof which could be replaced and installed anytime you want.


The cabin is built to support four people inside of 2016 Fiat Spider and it is equipped with excellent safety and security system such as the traction control, all-speed, controlled engine and brake electric stability for control system, daytime running lamps, frontal driver with dual stage, airbags, frontal passenger with dual depth, rear camera, head curtain, warning chime with ultrasonic alert, parking assistance, restrain system, monitoring system and much more.

2016 Fiat Spider Price

At this time, Fiat has not revealed the specific date when they will launch this car to start the market. It is only rumored that the car will be available on dealership sometime in next year or at least at the beginning of 2016. We should admit that it is hard to find out the further information for the price of 2016 Fiat Spider because Fiat gives no confirmation yet.

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