2016 Ford Edge Concept

Tuesday, October 28th 2014. Ford

2016 Ford EdgeMany believe that the 2016 Ford Edge will be a new vehicle with a brand new concept. In fact, last year this auto has been shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car will get many changes especially on its engine specification. It is very likely that the 2016 Edge will be developed on the platform C / D global Ford, which is one of those underlying the Connection Best Car to Buy 2013. As part of the Ford Fusion, with a long-wheelbase and right-drive version in their works, the 2016 Edge will be sold in other world markets.

2016 Ford Edge Concept

The 2016 Edge is strongly predicted to be wearing a brilliant new look asdepicted in draft form, with all the prompts of intact of recombinant-SUV. Raised by severalstyling cues found in Fusion, the shoulder line of this auto will feel at home in the BMW, while its 6-sided grille affect trade with Hyundai Santa Fe. In addition, it has the C-pillars straight from school Lexus RX. It is all the description that upgrades the 2016 SUV silhouette, pushing its design nearer to the deluxe look without cutting into his genderless cahrm. In the inside, the nice 2016 Ford Edge car is put on a improved interior finish, and a better dashboard form it self comes with a close kinship with the Korean sport utilities, especially in the form of bright work and ventilation. The manufacturer claims this new 2016 Edge will have a more functional interior by includingformer capacitive-touch bar for volume without fan speed, as well as more uses of knobs and buttons focusing the center console.

2016 Ford Edge Specs

The new lineup of 2016 Ford Edge has been developed by Ford company from a wide array of 4-and 6-cylinder-, both new and familiar. As a crossover, the Edge receives a new base 2.0-L four with a new twin-scroll turbocharger engine with a twin-scroll turbo, which is a much improved version of its predecessor. With this specification, the company raised the thin low-end torque than the former turbo four, which could not be appraised for towing, or outfitted with the additional weight of all-wheel drive.

2016 Ford Edge Availability

As a new car, the 2016 Edge will be available in the market a few months away. There is possibility that this 2016 Ford Edge car will be around at the end of this year, which is highly awaited by many car enthusiasts.

2016 Ford Edge Image Gallery

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