2016 Ford Focus RS Rumors

Monday, November 17th 2014. Ford

2016 Ford Focus RSEarlier this year, the 2016 Ford Focus RS was announced. The announcement was introduced by some rumors, but later the semi-reliable speculations have come. The RS version in 2016 will take form as a very popular hatchback and will be available with impressive specs. This fact should make this auto a true high-performance racer. Also, this new auto should be one step ahead than the Focus ST, so the motor which is expected to be incorporated under the hood of the Focus RS in 2016 should actually be the Eco-Boost type used for the 2015 Ford Mustang. With this powertrain as well as other improved elements, the 2016 Focus will have great specs required as a way out of the segment of economy hatchback market.

2016 Ford Focus Exterior

In terms of exterior, the body of 2016 Focus will not be substantiallyalteredin comparison with the ST or the ordinary Focus version. Certainly, it would get some adjustments and tweaks in order to increase the performance. For that reason the new 2016 Focus will be lower than the ST model with a set of wider tiresit will also be wider. Ford will not install the all-wheel drive to this 2016 Ford Focus, so its overall weight will not be increased.

2016 Ford Focus Specs

The specification of the new 2016 Focus will include sporty design and powerful engine. This best-selling family hatchback of the world will come with its own sports version, called the Ford Focus RS. This 2016 Ford Focus car will have features, whill will be the exact opposite of the lately redesigned Focus ST, and as such, will appeal a totally different kind of drivers. Overall, the RS model is not mainly designed for everyday urban busy traffic or for small families.

2016 Ford Focus Engine

Without a good engine the 2016 Ford Focus car will be purposeless. Fortunately this isvnot going to happen, since the nice super-hatch will be backed up with entry-level engine of Mustang called the new direct-injection 2.3-L 4-cylinder Eco-Boost turbo egnine, which is in the Mustang capable of delivering 305 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. However, under the hood of 2016 Focus RS, this machine will be boosted to 350 hp, so, the superb performance could be expected from the new Focus.

2016 Ford Focus Availability

There is no doubt that 2016 Ford Focus will be available in 2015 or early 2016 even thoughthere has been official confirmation about the production of 2016 RS production.

2016 Ford Focus RS Image Gallery

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