2016 Ford GT40 Price and Specs

Saturday, May 9th 2015. Ford

2016 Ford GT40 Front AngleThere will be many new cars will hit the market soon in future and one of them is 2016 Ford GT40. It is a super car that is predicted to come out for sales sometime in 2016. As we know that Ford GT is the popular car among buyers with the most powerful engine performance. With its great popularity, it is not surprising that Ford will do their best to produce the new 2016 Ford GT40. It could be the best way to keep their existence and reputation as a well-experienced American automaker. People are speculating that Ford will give more refreshments since the car has been disappeared for many years.

2016 Ford GT40 Exterior

Besides the improvement around the engine, 2016 Ford GT40 is quite possible to have more changes for its exterior to make it more functional and modern. The company will keep its sporty soul but it will be more aggressive. This design is inspired by F1 design. This way will be a great answer for this new version because the car as more aerodynamic to boost its powerful performance without increasing its fuel consumption but lessen it.

2016 Ford GT40 Interior

It does not mean that we have nothing to say when the company keeps silent about the issue of 2016 Ford GT40. The rumors are getting louder to say that the car is designed with some updates for its cabin. The interior has more futuristic style with some new touches added by Ford. It is stated that the car will go with the latest technology and features to support you finding more convenience riding this car.

2016 Ford GT40 Engine

To find out the answer for this rumor, the company does not want to give any confirmation at this time. We have a big curiosity about the type of engine that will be used for this car if this rumor comes true. Since it is the new edition, 2016 Ford GT40 is possible to have new improvements for its performance and based on rumors, Ford could replace the old engine with the brand new twin turbo V6 engine 3.5 liter combined with Ecoboost technology that is capable to produce about more than 600 horsepower.

2016 Ford GT40 Release Date and Price

We cannot find out any confirmation yet from the official right now as we have mentioned to you at the very first beginning. It should be released for sales sometime in 2016. 2016 Ford GT40 is estimated to offer the price tag about more than $100,000.

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