2016 Ford Lightning Concept

Friday, March 20th 2015. Ford

New Ford LightningWe cannot guarantee about the rumors spreading over the media about the rumors for the launch of the new 2016 Ford Lightning but it is getting louder day by day. It is reported that this car will be the biggest project prepared by Ford in order to give a nice surprise for the market especially to deal with the tight competition in medium duty truck segment. Ford is a popular automaker from America which has been producing some popular high performance cars. It is undeniable that its product always being anticipated by buyers.

To cover the increasing demand about medium duty truck cars and to keep their life on the market, Ford is ready to give some improvements for their new 2016 Ford Lightning.

2016 Ford Lightning Prediction about Its Model


Since it is intended to come out with the high performance model, it is not surprising if the engine of 2016 Ford Lightning will be the main prior for many people and the company itself. Badly, we cannot get any confirmation yet from the official about the engine that will be used in this new edition. We only could expect that there will be a new EcoBoost engine technology to give V8 engine 5.3 liter better performance than before.


Besides, we found nice information available for its new looks especially the exterior. This rumors spread after some unofficial sites shared the leaked photos which are assumed as 2016 Ford Lightning. Based on those photos, we could see that there are more improvements presented around the bodywork. For example, the car has more stylish look compared to the previous model because some refreshments are available such as the redesigned bumper, grille and headlights. Those are more than enough to make it better than before without removing its original look as a strong and powerful car.


Rumors also mentioned that there will be some improvements offered around the cabin of 2016 Ford Lightning. Inside, the car will get some redesigns in order to make it classier but quite stylish because some materials will be replaced with the higher quality version. The car is also quite promising to offer you better driving experience with some improvements around the features especially for the entertainment and safety system.

Release Date and Price

Perhaps, you have heard that the release date of 2016 Ford Lightning has not being informed by the official yet. It is issued that the car could come out sometime in 2016. Since the release date is still far away, we think it is a bit hard to predict about the price tag.

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