2016 Ford Super Chief Price and Release Date

Sunday, October 18th 2015. Ford

 2016 Ford Super Chief2016 Ford Super Chief is a new pickup truck by Ford. The concept of this car was released by the name of Ford F-250 super chief. The concept design under the hood, outside and inside will come out with different nuance. Therefore, the 2016 Super Chief will be the best competitor in the automotive mobile.

2016 Ford Super Chief Design

On the exterior of the new Ford Super Chief has many similarities with the Ford-150. The redesign for this car will be look impressive and aggressive. Besides that, the manufacturer gives the better material for the bodywork of the 2016 Ford Super Chief. The material contains of carbon fiber and aluminum components. Besides reduce the weight, the material can help to improve the fuel efficiency. Apart from that, the front fascia will have new style and shape. The headlights will be rectangular.

Next, talk about the cabin inside that will have roomy space. It can accommodate five adult people. There is no detail information about the inside change. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will add the modern technology systems inside. The features that will complete inside such as satellite navigation system, branded sound system, infotainment system, Bluetooth connect, air conditioning, seat belts, air bags, car parking assistance, wide touch screen display, USB ports, hands free calling, and much more. Besides it gives enjoyable, the features will make feel safe.

2016 Ford Super Chief Engine Specs

A special feature will be applied under the hood for making the better performance. The manufacturer offers Tri-Flex fuel system for the 2016 Ford Super Chief. The Tri-Flex fuel system is a system that can consume three types of fuel namely gasoline, E85 ethanol or hydrogen. Using of this system can reduce the harmful gaseous emission considerably. It will offer 6.8 liter 30-valve SOHC V10 engine. This engine can deliver the high outputs that are 550 horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque. The manufacturer modifies thus car to work with three different fuel types, so that this new Ford Super Chief can reach 500 miles of fuel consumption and 180 mph of maximum speed. Compared with the single petrol driven version, this car will have 12 percent better fuel efficiency. In a mechanism manner, the engine can be switched between the three different fuel types manually or automatically.

2016 Ford Super Chief Price and Release Date

This car will come out with the special system and the powerful engine, so that the prediction of the price is expensive. The issue said that the 2016 Ford Super Chief would release in the late of 2015 or in the beginning of 2016. Meanwhile, the price will start from $60.000 or even higher.

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