2016 Honda Accord Sport Sedan

Saturday, May 9th 2015. Honda

2016 Honda Accord SportThere will be a sporty car launched by Honda and it is called 2016 Honda Accord Sport. Basically this car was released some years ago for its first generation that was named as Honda Civic and it gained huge popularity as the medium sedan car. The company considers using Accord as its name with the fuel efficiency and technology support.

There are some trim levels offered and the most favorite variant is the sport model. 2016 Accord Sport is possible to be released soon based on rumors. It is predicted that the car will be the hit as its predecessor.

2016 Honda Accord SportĀ  Exterior

The design is more than just a sporty car but it also has a very sporty look around the bodywork. Some rumors explained that this 2016 Honda Accord Sport will be designed with the great style that is combined with the DNA of its previous model to keep its elegant design. Some sporty accents are added for its cabin. With this smart combination, it would be hard for us to deny that the car has greater look compared to the standard version.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Interior

It would be not enough if we do not talk about the interior. Because the bodywork is designed with sporty look, the cabin will go the same to create harmony. You could find out some sporty touches around the design. Some improvements are around the technology and the driving mode to give you a maximum comfort riding this 2016 Honda Accord Sport.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Engine

If you expect that the engine performance for 2016 Honda Accord Sport should be powerful, you might be the first person who will be disappointed. Although it is called as a sport car, this new edition does not offer high engine specification. Based on rumors, this car will go with DHC i-VTEC four cylinder engines DOHC 2.4 liter combined with Honda Earth Dream Technology to produce quite great performance with the high fuel efficiency.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Release Date and Price

Based on some rumors, you cannot expect that this car will be released soon. The company is issued to release it sometime in 2015. At this time, we found no confirmation yet from Honda for all issues above. Some experts estimated that the cost will not be too far from the previous model. What we could expect about the price tag is it should not be more than $25,000 for the 2016 Honda Accord Sport.

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