2016 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Saturday, December 13th 2014. Honda

2016 Honda Pilot ViewIf you are a fan of Honda cars, it is certainly the arrival of the 2016 Honda Pilot will be a treat for you. However, everyone is guessing the release date. 2015 Honda Pilot a bit of a disappointment is in terms of appearance. But the new pilot has led to improvements in both looks and performance. Nothing has been revealed that has never been officially announced in the car, but the spy shots and concept very much. We have seen the features of the experimental loan in both design and other specifications of the Acura MDX. This will keep happening until the trend in the next model.

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior Design

2016 Honda Pilot PriceExterior car was hated by many before. But this time 2016 Honda Pilot brings some major changes, which makes it more interesting. Added some changes in design to the basic template. Overview still has a square-shaped structure, but was added and the line curves make it look handsome. This pilot to get a new lamp consists of LED lamps operate in broad daylight. Even the taillights have LEDs.

Given the stylish design lights. A new grille and front bumper corners with the change index and take them out before the interface looks different levels. The trolley also got a wider wheel base and a total increase in dimensions. The use of aluminum in the construction cut a lot of weight. Overall, it would be more aerodynamic design.

2016 Honda Pilot Interior

2016 Honda Pilot Interior Spy PhotosSpy shots do not reveal much about the interior, but it is certain that a number of surprises and stood waiting. As shown, in the 2016 Honda Pilot car 7 seats will remain. However, with the addition of several new dimensions and cabin space, it will accommodate all passengers and goods of their own. In the previous model, and out of the third-row seat is not a picnic, but is expected to provide better access to the third row. Air vents in the shop with a rounded rectangle.

There are new things you might find in the new car upholstery, cruise control, screen information and entertainment. The 2016 Honda Pilot also will get a new system for climate control. The Acura MDX has provided some of the features such as steering wheel controls, USB port player and a rear view camera. Most of the features are still in the shade.

2016 Honda Pilot Engine and Transmission

The 2016 Honda Pilot will be a V-6 3.5 liter can produce up to 290 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque. It provides automatic transmission with six-speed and six-speed manual transmission, especially for front-wheel drive model. AWD power distribution occurs through a six speed automatic, while I did the same thing through the CVT, in the case of FWD models. Technologies such as VTEC and dreams earth make green cars, with improved fuel economy. However, the classification of the Environmental Protection Agency are not yet available but is expected to return the car better mileage of 25 mpg on the highway (rating EPA 2015 Honda Pilot) with lighter and better payment system weight.

2016 Honda Pilot Price and Availability

The base price can start from $ 31,000, and is expected to go as much as $ 43,000 for the high – end model. Prices will vary according to the different levels and reduce their specifications and functions. It is expected to be available in 2015, and during the autumn of 2016 Honda Pilot.

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