2016 Honda Prelude Type R Price and Specs

Tuesday, June 30th 2015. Honda

New Honda Prelude ConceptOne of the most shocking news for automotive industry is the strong indication of the arrival for 2016 Honda Prelude. It is reported that Honda will release this car to deal with the New Year sales in 2016. For the fans of Honda, this car is not a newcomer for you. Before, the company was presented it on the market but it has being slept for over a decade. Some rumors mentioned that this car will be built by this Japanese automaker to strengthen their domination.

For its name, basically this car launched for the first debut at the end of 70’ and this last edition was released in 2001. It has been a long time we did not see its arrival. But, with the high demand and competition, Honda encourage themselves through the new edition which is 2016 Honda Prelude.

2016 Honda Prelude Type R Specs


After its absence for a long time, it is not surprising if now the car is rumored to come out with the dramatic change especially for its engine performance. Based on some rumors, the company will remove its old 1.6 liter engine and it will be replaced with 2.0 liter V-Tec engine or V6 engine 3.5 liter in 2016 Honda Prelude to support its performance for modern market.


Not only about the engine that will get be new, but also the bodywork. It is quite possible if the car has massive improvements around the appearance because Honda loves playing bold in their automotive market. Perhaps, you found that 2016 Honda Prelude has the base coupe design but the company will give massive redesign to make it sleeker yet more aggressive than before. For some aspects including the headlights and taillights, Honda will redesign it to make it more stylish and modern.


What we would like to know more about the improvement is around the cabin. It seems that the interior will be more stylish than before with the sportier look. The massive improvements of the technologies inside 2016 Honda Prelude is possible to offer to make it more competitive among some strong rivals in the same segment and to make you more comfort riding this car.

Release Date and Price

Although we could imagine about the new improvements and the massive changes that could give a jaw-dropping concept once it is ready to launch, we found no confirmation yet from the official whether this rumor is true or not. We only have a big anticipation that the debut for this car could be at the beginning of 2016 with unknown release date for 2016 Honda Prelude.

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