2016 Honda S660 Concept, Release Date and Price

Tuesday, March 17th 2015. Honda

2016 Honda S660It seems that Honda will have a lot of projects to build this new car. There is a big indication that the company will start the production of 2016 Honda S660 as a two-seat roadster with the impressive design. It is rumored that this car will go with the EV-STER concept and it will be manufactured in Yokkaichi. It means that the car has the same place to assemble as Beat.

2016 Honda S660 Tribute to Honda Beat

The latest generation of 2016 Honda S660 was introduced at Tokyo Auto Show, 2013. The concept is built in order to cover the demand about sports car from Honda. It will be designed as a mini roadster that will remain you to Honda Beat that was quite popular in 90’s. The production was ended in 1996 and at this time the company is expected to reproduce it. In 2009, the company announced that they have a big plan for a new model that will go with 660cc. After some years of waiting, we glad to know that at this time the company finally will release the new entry-level roadster called 2016 Honda S660.

2016 Honda S660 Specs

Although it will be a very small sports car, this new car is expected to offer impressive engine performance. Perhaps, you are a little bit disappointed about the rumors that the company will complete 2016 Honda S660 with the three-cylinder engine 660cc to produce about 64 horsepower. Well, this mini car is coming out with extra light weight so that in just 9 seconds, the car could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. As a result, the car has the top speed for about 136 mph. With the light construction, there is a big hope that this 2016 Honda S660 will be designed with great handling as the significant contribution to support its performance and to attract buyers.

2016 Honda S660 Competition, Release Date and Price

It seems it would be easy for the company to attract buyers because this kind of cars is still rare on the market. It will be the small sports roadster on the market that has few strong rivals such as Mazda MX-5. There is a big expectation that the company will start the serial production for the next year. It means that the car is possible to come out on the market at the end of 2015 with the price tag about $25,000 for 2016 Honda S660.

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