2016 Kia GT Coupe

Tuesday, December 23rd 2014. Kia

2016 Kia GT Coupe Side ViewNews-most up-to-date about the concept of verification caught that this car is unique may be the production version. The cup is formed as the version to be released in 2016 for the expansion of the personal brand in a niche market in the overall market performance. It is Clearly 0.2016 Kia GT coupe may not be exactly the proceeds from the competition; but have a perspective of what is really good in the future. It is expected 2016 GT Coupe to be based on the concept offered building at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Clearly, the design language has been changed, therefore, must be a different production edition. If you have a concept of a halo avant-garde addition to adding some current brand design language and you’ll have an idea of how it should be 2016 Kia GT coupe look. The car turned in the performance of the car. The elegant exterior design is definitely showing sporting ambitions hidden beneath the outer layer.

2016 Kia GT Coupe Engine

The concept has a 3.3-liter V6 engine connected to the direction of the rear wheels. It has V6 engine capable to deliver 390 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of twist. Based on a number of rumors, the development version does not give the same machine. There are some rumors in the case of a turbo charged four-cylinder, which may be much stronger than the concept of the plant. Apart from energy production, there will be again another difference: It is likely to be front-wheel drive 2016 Kia GT Coupe production. This may seem a bit of a disappointment after a powerful V6 this concept, but rumors suggest that the issue of development may be available in more than one sense. It is still premature to state, but most expected power engine option. There are a number of reviews that have been released so that the generation of the hybrid force, but there is no reliable information on the specifications. Despite the fact that the United States specifications 2016 Kia GT Coupe will have a choice of diesel engines and various other markets may get one.

2016 Kia GT Coupe Release DateĀ  and Price

It will be released in 2016 Kia GT coupe model in 2016. But do not let go of the release date yet, but. It is expected to be released until 2015, although some estimates say could also be released in early 2016. The price is still unknown but it is expected the car would not end up being as expensive as its competitors of 2016 Kia GT Coupe.

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