2016 Kia Soul Price and Release Date

Saturday, December 13th 2014. Kia

2016 Kia SoulThe 2016 Kia Soul will feature an electrically charged while the engine will run on the 2015 model engine fuel. Decided not to apply external change maker has been hit model. Although some changes may occur in the interior of the model in 2016 and there will certainly alternative in terms of hardware.

As I mentioned before, the outside in the 2016 Soul will not change much, but is likely to change and improve some aspects makers. However, the train engine is completely changed. It will last a square model that was an instant hit in the sales data according to continue.

Something new from abroad have been planned in spite of its structure is not changed. The exterior and interior guide you through the coming changes implemented in the car.

2016 Kia Soul Exterior

LED lights will with special expectations and high beam assist helps the driver to concentrate on the traffic on the roads at night. The tail also gets LED mounted the lights will. Four will be 16-inch wheels and supports this car. Panoramic roof will be offered as an option along with fog lights in the rear bumper.

The “tiger nose” shaped grille is still the same. However, it can be more poetic and wide in this new model was also adjusted to a small extent. It will be equipped with the new 2016 Kia Soul with vehicle stability systems that will ensure the car remains stable at speed up or brake suddenly, especially on wet and rough roads.

2016 Kia Soul Interior

It will be given special 2016 Kia Soul for the treatment of the trip to make more doable and comfortable. It will be the expulsion of most of the interior of the recycled components. Dynamic fabric, foam Pew, Pew will be used for the manufacture of plastic interior.

The screen will be seen and tool control cluster 8- inch presented in this new model. The Kia model development team is trying to make environmentally-friendly cars as possible. It will be the perfect height, seat cushion and the distance between the ceiling and the pad to make entry and exit with ease.

2016 Kia Soul Engine

The most important of all the changes there will be no change in the power train. Let’s see what the exact changes are waiting for the new 2016 Kia Soul. And will be provided with this new model by an electric motor charged under the hood.

And it will consist of 2016 Kia Soul engine of 27 kWh lithium-ion battery. It will be capable of producing 109 HP that the massive production of this type of device. It will create a torque of 210 lb / ft. With a fully charged battery, the car will be able to cover a distance of 120 miles in a single batch.

Using a 240-volt outlet, it will take 5 hours to fully charge the battery for this approach. And a top speed of 90 miles can be expected with the force of acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds. The transportation system should be a fixed percentage of reduction gear one speed. This new model will be available in front-wheel drive.

2016 Kia Soul Price and Release date

It will be released in the 2016 Kia Soul in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California and Oregon in the beginning in early 2016 as a lot of speculation in the market. Although the company has confirmed the price of peanuts for the 2016 Kia Soul after, the estimated cost could be around $ 30,000.

It can be swayed whatever the rumors in the air; and this future car appreciate the name “SOUL” with justice because it will be a revolutionary step towards the future of the brave about 2016 Kia Soul.

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