2016 Lexus TX Crossover Release Date and Price

Tuesday, November 25th 2014. Lexus

New Lexus TX 20162016 Lexus TX will be the newest member of this family of luxury cars. The aim of the new model to tackle one of the biggest problems for the Lexus, at least from the perspective of the buyer’s true, they do not offer crossover seven seats. The new TX and fix the problem and it will come up with many other benefits as well. The new model certainly holds a high rank in the sector of the market after it was released, because it is a well known fact that the Lexus model is quality without compromise. Should be the new 2016 Lexus TX premiere in the fall of this year, while the release date is still unknown.

2016 Lexus TX Appearance

2016 Lexus TX Foreign details are still unknown to some extent. It is expected that resemble models Lexus RX current with different sizes, and some additional features that will make it stand out from the crowd the new model. Should the new car looks more dominant, with lines of body fluids and feel a little bit aggressive. This will provide the platform supports; there is a lot of speculation on this matter. Some claim that the used Toyota Highlander and Camry platform, while others claim it will use that is being used for the Lexus IS. This option makes the difference in driving mode because the first is front-wheel drive oriented, while others used on the rear-wheel drive. Also, regardless of this option, we expect 2016 Lexus TX comes with four-wheel drive is optional as well. As for the interior, and as we said before, the new four-wheel drive cars should not be lacking perk or supplement. This new form to have a high level of comfort and luxury and the equipment installed in his room, are all part of the standard Lexus. It will be similar in appearance models RX, but more because they have to provide enough comfort for all seven passengers and cargo space enough for them.

2016 Lexus TX Powertrains Rumors

2016 Lexus TX is still a mystery, especially when it comes to generating power, but all the ambiguity caused a lot of speculation. With this being said, it is said that the new SUV to provide all of the gasoline internal combustion engine and drive train hybrid payment. The new model may use the 3.5-liter V-6 gas, which is used for the Lexus RX. This machine can produce 270 horsepower under the hood of the RX cover, but it is expected that it will be upgraded to produce higher energy before installing it in Texas. Must be paired with either transmission, which is a six-speed gearbox or an eight-speed automatic transmission, while there is still no information on whether the model will be used FWD or RWD a. It is expected to be presented as an option either four-wheel drive mode. Power train the hybrid will probably use the same engine combined with an electric motor. It should be a powerful combination enough to produce between 300 and 340 horsepower. Again, this is not official yet, so we have to wait a little more to see where this is true. 2016 Lexus TX with conventional power generation must accelerate to 60mph from a standstill in about eight seconds, while top speed will be around 135mph.

2016 Lexus TX estimated release date and price

2016 Lexus TX to be released in 2016, although there are some reports say that sales are more optimistic up to the end of 2015. As for the price, it should cost the seven new seats luxury SUV across the United States $ 60,000, according to some sources of 2016 TX.

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