2016 Lincoln MKX Concept and Redesign

Wednesday, November 26th 2014. Lincoln

2016 Lincoln MKX Redesign2016 Lincoln MKX was detected in Beijing for cars this year. Medium-sized SUV will offer many luxury high industry equipment quality and comfort impressive clear and brilliant foreign. This will improve the general feeling of its predecessor, despite the MKX crossover currently known for comfort and luxury. With modern design and technology developed under the language of the skin, and will 2016 MKX is perhaps one of the luxury crossover most impressive when it came out. It will be released in the next year as a model for 2016. As you can see, it will not significantly redesign, but all the changes that contribute to the new appearance. There are some new elements integrated in modern design language. Cross power train is still unknown. After all, they are only the introduction of this concept, so they do not announce one of the engines in the future. However, some great speculation would be that luxury midsize SUV has very similar engine choices as a cousin, a relative of his 2015 Ford Edge.

2016 Lincoln MKX Re-designs

2016 Lincoln MKX ConceptAnd based on the 2016 Lincoln MKX appear on the latest design of its predecessor. While it is still the basic outline of the design, and made a remarkable achievement by all the changes in the external. The front has changed, so there is the new split-wing grille, which seems to fit this model is better than the current system. With the blade horizontally oriented and better integration with a new pair of LED lights, it faces look more attractive and vibrant than ever. Of course, in addition to the air intakes and fog lights make it seem more powerful and aggressive. What is impressive in particular is how the LED lights operate in broad daylight visible. This intersection has some additional curves on the body so it does not seem to be a radical change, but a significant improvement in appearance. Carefully carved and 2016 MKX nominate luxury and outstanding craftsmanship cars. This intersection has many different design cues borrowed from his brother, who came as a model in 2016 also. One of the most interesting features is the sunroof, which combines airy feel to the interior. To prove that he belongs to the luxury classes and 2016 Lincoln MKX comes on a beautiful 21-inch wheels. It is important to point out that this luxury SUV will not be pretty if not kept back the burden of short, because it is one of the tricks that make the design of the car as new MKX looks powerful and elegant at the same time.

2016 Lincoln MKX Expected Engine Options

Some people hope that come with similar if not exactly the same engine options. And, of course, did not say anything about the device, but we should not be surprised if the new MKX comes with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder automobile engine that provides 275 horsepower and 550 lb-shows-feet of torque. This may be the entry drive motor shows option. There are rumors that the 2016 Lincoln MKX can get a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, similar to those installed under the hood of the 2015 Ford Mustang cover. Also, there is a possibility that they go for the turbo 2.7-liter V-6, and the strength of the new Ford F-150.

2016 Lincoln MKX Release Date

They decided to enter the 2016 Lincoln MKX in Beijing because of their plan is due to the distribution of these crossover starts Offer wonderful luxury in the growing Chinese market. Of course, they will not let the US market, so we can expect to be released in the United States first. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact release date, but it will be available during 2015, certain that the 2016 Lincoln MKX.

2016 Lincoln MKX Image Gallery

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