2016 Lotus Evora

Monday, March 23rd 2015. Lotus

2016 Lotus Evora Front AngleThere is a big verification made by Lotus that they will give some significant updates and improvements to introduce 2016 Lotus Evora. This car will be featured with smart-airbag feature. At this time, people are anticipating to see more exciting features with more power and new design.

2016 Lotus Evora Specs


2016 Lotus Evora is much better compared to the previous model. It means that the car will go with more improvements to offer. There will be some hints for its new design as we have seen the most recent facelift for Elise in 2010. It is very possible if the car will be designed with larger dimension and even more aggressive body. At this time, the company has done a big work in order to keep the distance of Exige from Elise by using comparable strategy and it will be a new, faster design that could be the excellent candidate to attract buyers. It is stated by Gales that the platform for this new car will be very flexible with some significant changes including the dimensions and the wheelbase to give practical design for buyers’ comfort with 2016 Lotus Evora.


With the same framework, it is quite potential if the new 2016 Lotus Evora will be completed with spacious cabin and comfortable nuance. Gales mentioned about the expectation of simpler design compared to the previous model. Based on the report, the car has upgraded cabin with great work. To make it more lavish, the company offers it with more leather, updated instrument and also infotainment system.

2016  Lotus Evora Engine

Speaking about its power support, it seems that the car will go with the same engine as the current model which is from Toyota. It means that the company retains to use range-topping supercharged option that is able to go fast. For the most effective version, it will be able to produce the output for about 345 horsepower. It is also verified by the company insiders that the car will be much more powerful than before. It is faster on track than the previous model as the new 2016 Lotus Evora.

2016 Lotus Evora Price and Release Date

2016 Lotus Evora will start its debut at Geneva Motor Show in 2015. There is no announcement yet from the official about its main rates but it is only expected that the starting price will not be more than $78,000 for the base model.

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