2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Tuesday, December 9th 2014. Mitsubishi

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Front Angle View2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will serve as proof that the company has re-introduced another model, this time as part of a sports car. This Subaru BRZ car track the presence and Toyota GT86 as well. This car is intended to continue the predecessor model called the Mitsubishi Evo. In fact, today the company does not provide a lot of information so that the rumors you want to proceed without any particular problems. What we are waiting for is the concept itself, which can be announced by the company with detailed information. Well, it seems unlikely that know about it at this stage, but we still have some resources to learn more about the car.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be a design remains to be said that under the front of the LED. The company offers a car with a sporty look too while maintaining the characteristics sports sedan by Mitsubishi. The presence of the stylish and sporty front grille with the front bumper is equipped with grooves and 2016 headlights and LED technology Mitsubishi Eclipse is designed with a very sharp. The back of the car, there are two types of water consumption in the form of a triangle and below a pair of oval exhaust pipes. Especially of attractive appearance about this car will give you five thick which placed on the edge of aluminum alloy rods. The 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Internal Affairs is still under construction. What we expect to see is the same with other sports cars including the new cabin look like the surrounding colors. Some 2,016 sports car models offered with wood trim panels, and it is considering removing the use of plastic materials. The steering wheel of the skin, is also expected to be providing the best quality of leather for seating and new dashboard. We can not wait to see the car with some improvements in features. If possible, it should be for the company to offer new features.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine

Under the hood, the company has a plan that will be the engine options to start the vehicle. First, SOHC MIVEC 2.4-liter four-cylinder 16 which is able to produce about 162 horsepower and is called while the 3.8-liter engine second options can generate a maximum power of about 265 horsepower. According to an official statement, thanks to this device and associated equipment that will lead them to the beauty that is from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds to accelerate.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Price and Release Date

It is not known when the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be released. At this time because the company still has not made the announcement when it will be launched and when it will be ready for sale. Speaking of price, we are quite confident that the car will have a competitive price.

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