2016 Nissan Juke Redesign and Release Date

Tuesday, December 16th 2014. Nissan

2016 Nissan Juke2016 Nissan Juke was launched especially for some of the details of the new generation to continue the Nissan Juke in the market. Earlier, it was known both as the most favorite car. It is not surprising that now the fans are waiting to see the developments and changes. We have heard reports from the official website Shiro Nakamura promised if the fans can love or even hate the new style in 2016 the pub.

2016 Nissan Juke Exterior and Interior

Nakamura explained that the outer surface of this car will be adapted from the Nissan Micra. Some reliable sources say that Nakamura explained if the outside can not rely on the Nissan Micra. That is great news that almost completes the car by the team. At this time, it was reported that the car will get the best characters in the vision expressive than its predecessor. Of course, it is a major shift may resolve that comes the second version. This is due to the current design is very nice, and some fans do not want to see refugees with new patterns. The changes in the current version of the 2016 Nissan Juke are enough offer to the buyer. It simply indicates that this second version should be available with a lighter weight than the current model because it is enough to make the car to have better aerodynamics, and of course to improve fuel economy. It is possible to see the new lights and air intake grill with the best foreign mirror followed redesigned bumper. Speaking of the cabin, in 2015, this car has the information, entertainment and communication system, leather seats, followed by the same high-tech devices with an aggressive look. It would be wonderful to see upgrades feature in the 2016 Juke.

Performance of the 2016 Nissan Juke

We expect that the current generation of the power plant will be used in this new version because it is quite yet. It has 1.2-liter four-cylinder turbo with an output of approximately 113 horsepower and 140Nm of torque from the estimates. Body with lighter, it is not surprising if the 2016 Nissan Juke can go with the best performance. The device is powered by an optional CVT and six-speed manual. To the current 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine producing 108 horsepower, it is still unknown whether or not the officer will remain.

2016 Nissan Juke Release

According to the Issued, 2016 Nissan Juke started its launch in 2016. The report also says that the car is almost finished and we believe that it is possible to see who comes in the middle of 2015.

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