2016 Nissan Z Car Concept

Wednesday, December 17th 2014. Nissan

2016 Nissan ZThe 2016 Nissan Z35 will come redesign sometime next year. At this point, we do not know whether it will be for the first time only a concept or as the version of production, but we know that will surely come. This new generation Z on April 2016 should bring some new philosophy, with a completely redesigned style, body lighter and a new engine option from Mercedes. There is a big chance that he will be named in April 2016 Nissan Zwill that will go all over the world. Unless handsome appearance and handled great which is the brand of this roadster from the outset, it must be the next-generation Nissan Z cheapest. If this is indeed true, this iconic sports car can reach directly former glory.

2016 Nissan Z With Mercedes’ Powertrains

It must be the biggest advantage of 2016 Nissan Z as a result of a partnership with Mercedes. Some rumors also suggest, can the new Z starts with a 2.0-liter turbo is taken from Mercedes-Benz. This will drive the development of approximately 211 horsepower (155 kW) and 258 lb-ft of torque. However, this rule must be an enhanced device with plug-in hybrids, but currently we do not have more detailed information. Gas stove engine under the hood is the 3.0-liter diesel V6 direct injection, which will provide about 350 horsepower. It will be a manual six-speed transmission and the seven-speed automatic option. We were a little old-fashioned, so we always choose a directory.

2016 Nissan Z Platform and Features

2016 Nissan Z will go up on the FM platform which has been updated in the past year. This platform is also the basis for the Infiniti Q50, but will be specially designed for Z. In any case, to keep the weight down, and will offer many Nissan Z aluminum and carbon fiber new parts. Weight loss can be the key to feeding the economy and good performance results. Of course it will be very aerodynamic body line and adapted for a high speed ride. After all, in 2016 Nissan Z35 will be a real sports car so quickly run great and treatment is a useful feature is good for sales.

2016 Nissan Z Price

The base price for the 2016 Nissan Z35 should start around $ 35,000 and this may be a great thing for the competition, such as the Audi TT, the Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang, starting from the highest point. Expect to see this car Agile in early 2015 for 2016 Nissan Z35.

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