2016 Plymouth Superbird Review and Specs

Saturday, October 10th 2015. Plymouth

2016 Plymouth Superbird2016 Plymouth Superbird is a new muscle car manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation. This car comes out with two-door coupe. Since 1970, this model has been produced. Then, it will release again in this year with the new design concept. However, as usual the Superbird will use HEMI engine under the hood. The engine will offer the powerful engine for the 2016 Superbird.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Changes

For getting the fantastic result, the manufacturer will combine between iconic look and modern technology. The manufacturer will give the nice change for the exterior parts. There are some slick and modern lines on the bodywork of 2016 Plymouth Superbird. The front fascia will be look impressive after get the new upgrade. The grill will be large and menacing with larger top segment and slightly smaller lower part. Then, the grille will be combined with both headlights and fog lights, so that the appearance will be nice. Then, the hood opening will benefit for air amount. The amount of air will be delivered and extracted to and from engine bay. Besides that, this new vehicle will get the increasing of wheels. It will be 22 inches with high performance low profile tires. Not only that, this car also gets the LED technology and two large exhaust ends. The technology will complete the base packag LED Flip signals and Custom built LED rear bumper. Unfortunately, the information of inside change is minor. The manufacturer will add the new high technology system. Besides that, the entertainment system and the safety system will be more modern.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Specs

According to the report, the new Plymouth Superbird will use a HEMI engine. This engine is similar with the previous model. It offers V8 engine. There is no detail information about the engine specification. Possibility the V8 engine can deliver 600 horsepower. For the other vehicle such as Mustang and Charger SRT Hellcat will offer the better outputs too. The Mustang can deliver output 300 up to 450 horsepower. Meanwhile, the Charger SRT Hellcat comes with 707 horsepower. The manufacturer has plan that the 2016 Plymouth Superbird will need to follow these models, Charger SRT Hellcat. The engine that will be applied under the Plymouth Superbirdā€˜s hood will give the better fuel economy on the highway and in the city.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Release Date and Price

The rumor said that this 2016 Plymouth Superbird would release on October 2015. Meanwhile, the base price will offer $58.500.

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