2016 Volkswagen CC

Thursday, November 20th 2014. Volkswagen

2016 VW CC2016 VW CC for the company is a high-end sedan, and not on a very similar level to the PASSAT, but still a buyer’s requirements fun than some of the low level of luxury lineup. The acronym stands for “comfort coupe”. German auto industry will launch a new generation of cars with the 2016 Volkswagen CC . Not check it out yet, but some of the details leaked we know that the car is already in the advanced stages of creation. It supposed to be the best and most famous participants of this home.

2016 VW CC, Audi A7 and contrast PASSAT

2016 VW CC will change the design of the new dramatically. A source said the new car has a design can be very comparable to the A7. Similarly, rumors claimed that some versions can be provided, which consists of a model fastback. It can be contrasted with the A7 Sport back and additional variations, each of the cars luxury sedans. However, the families of the other car contrast with the brand. However, the CC will be a smaller version, and it will not be the PASSAT, or that bears his name. Will be among the upscale sedan and the middle class, which VW has a gap, to be sure, filled 2016 VW CC Company in 2016.

2016 VW CC Engine

Still in the stage of creation, and the emergence of the last of the Volkswagen CC schedule 2016 machine is difficult to predict. Unfortunately, next to the PASSAT, has been mentioned Volkswagen. NE must be backed by turbo diesel engine, will begin production of 109 hp. Will be a model of higher-end increased to 280 hp. 2016 VW CC will be more has 150 horsepower, made of 2.0-liter TDI powertrain. I will definitely use exactly the same engine the current model with the increase in production. Additional to enjoy the comfort, the German company has prepared optional trim package. There, you can buy items in the open air for styling, features and efficiency of the internal amplifier. A great advantage and taste for a potential buyer will be.

2016 VW CC Price

The price will not be affected too much of a 2016 VW CC. The basic design will be available for about $ 35,000, while for this by adding a trim package, and potential buyers are sure to spend more of 2016 VW CC.

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