2016 VW Taigun Design and Price Rumors

Saturday, November 29th 2014. Volkswagen

2016 VW Tiguan2016 VW Taigun – There are a large number of drivers just want what is practical, economic and urban, but packed in the SUV category. It’s the most wonderful that you have a car, which can be fun to drive and adapted to travel in the city, and at the same time activities are comfortable and, most importantly, able to pull off the road. Therefore, all the cars to devote is more attention to the development of this type of vehicle. One is Volkswagen. German auto industry began Taigun concept for small SUV two years ago, while production should start immediately. As we have found, in 2016 Taigun, smaller crossover from Volkswagen, should come next year. Upon arrival, can the new compact SUV will be a very dangerous player, as some rumors say it will have a starting price of $ 15,000, and it starts much lower than the currently untouched Ford Escape.

2016 VW Taigun Engine Options

Unlike the concept version which is supported by a small 1.0-liter TSI, it must come the production version of the 2016 VW Taigun something stronger. It should be a 1.8-liter turbo 4-cylinder, with an output of 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, which can be paired with a seven-speed DSG gearbox automatic double clutch. But this information is on the basis of rumors. So let’s wait a little longer for something more reliable. If you ask us, we would love to see is a compact SUV with the concept of the engine, which rises to 110 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque, and most importantly, it is the economy in fuel consumption ratings 52 mpg. They will participate in the podium with Polo, it must be oriented front-wheel-drive, but it does not rule out the possibility of four-wheel drive option.

2016 VW Taigun Design

As for the exterior design and the 2016 VW Taigun certainly many concept verion will borrow. In the first place, and this SUV have a distinctive front side, with the front grille and headlights dual split aggressive. About 152 inches long body, with 68.0 inches wide and 61.8 inches will be very agile and maneuverable to drive the city, especially with the electrical and mechanical driving, which will become the standard. At the same time, can be very good for some light off-road adventure, and thus is equipped with 17-inch wheels.

2016 VW Taigun Price

As we have said, 2016 VW Taigun should come sometime in the next year, while the starting price could go from about $ 15,000, which is very easily accessible, and can be the biggest advantage. Come 2016 Volkswagen Taigun in Europe first, but we expect to see in the United States a year later.

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