2017 Dodge Journey SRT

Sunday, June 14th 2015. Dodge

Dodge Journey Front AngleIn order to give you more option for a top trim car, the future market is possible to show one of Dodge’s art that is 2017 Dodge Journey. Rumors are strongly reported about this car as the new variant. This SRT is possible to be the new weapon for Dodge in order to gain more popularity especially to compete in SUV class. As a compact car, Dodge has regular updates to offer including in this future generation.

Based on some rumors, there will be a new top trim level to offer in 2017 Journey. It is not surprising that Dodge has big commitment to keep their existence by releasing this car.

2017 Dodge Journey SRT Specs


If you could find out the more powerful engine version used in this car, another interesting part that will make you never regret to wait its arrival is its exterior. Dodge is quite possible to offer more improvements for the outer part of the car. Although some old designs are perhaps will be kept with the classy and elegant design, 2017 Dodge Journey has stronger nuance of sporty design. It happens because this latest car could go out with the sporty bodywork.


What makes it more different from the other trim levels is the interior part. It is mentioned by many reliable sources that 2017 Dodge Journey could be presented by Dodge with sporty nuance. It is sportier than before because the sporty details around the styling of the cabin. This way will give a great combination because Dodge also keeps its classy look.


Although we found no confirmation yet from Dodge at the time of writing this report, the SRT variant is quite promising to get powerful engine design. The SRT version has the DNA from its predecessor with high-performance feature so we are totally sure that there will be powerful engine to use to make it more different among other trim levels. 2017 Dodge Journey based on rumors is possible to come out with the higher output than the V6 engine 3.5 liter could produce.

Release Date and Price

With the unclear information and everything is still regardless the fact, we cannot predict about when the company would like to release it. People are expecting to see its arrival sometime at the end of 2016. The other trim levels will follow its arrival earlier. We think that the price tag will be more expensive for 2017 Dodge Journey.

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