2017 Ford Bronco

Sunday, March 8th 2015. Ford

2017 Ford Bronco Front Angle2017 Ford Bronco at this time is coming out with a lot of different assumptions and rumors. That is why it is a bit hard to find out any real information about this car. Moreover, the company gives no official confirmation yet so what we could do is about waiting the official updates for this boxy off-road car that has been produced since 1966. The car is missing for almost twenty years from the market. It sounds interesting when the company has 50th anniversary celebration that could be by launching 2017 Bronco as people’s expectation. But perhaps, it would be a surprise, which means the company wants to keep it. If it comes true, Ford will have something to complete the SUV competition.

2017 Ford Bronco Redesign Based on Atlas Concept

It seems that all new models for 2017 Ford Bronco will come out based on the Ford’s Atlas concept to redesign it although the concept is intended for full-size pickup truck which is F-150. Atlas could be the beginning for the future of SUV segment from Ford because it offers lightweight chassis that is made of aluminum which could be the great base for this new version. In addition, this off-roader is also possible to get some new features such as fuel-efficiency improvements with the support of active grille shutters, stop-start system technology and also much more. 2017 Ford Bronco is also coming out with different bodywork design that is quite luxurious and stylish.


When it comes to the powertrain, people are expecting to see two engine designs to offer. The first is new turbocharged V6 engine 2.7 liter in order to produce the output for about 325 horsepower and also 375 pound-feet of torque. Another engine option could be V6 engine 3.5 liter for 365 horsepower and also 420 pound-feet of torque. Both of those engines for 2017 Ford Bronco is mated to six-speed auto transmission and there will be no option for manual transmission for other markets except US. Another strong prediction goes for V8 engine 5.0 liter that is used by F-150 in 2015 model year to deliver 385 horsepower and 387 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Ford Bronco Only True Rivals To The 2018 Wrangler

The latest updates from some reliable sources mentioned that this car will be the strong rivals for Wrangler and it is suggested that the company should use the same engine as 2017 Raptor that is new twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine 3.5 liter to produce 450 horsepower for 2017 Ford Bronco.

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