2017 Ford Flex Redesigns and Concept

Sunday, June 28th 2015. Ford

Ford Flex FrontMany reliable sources reported that Ford would like to release one of their iconic cars and that is 2017 Ford Flex. This new edition is coming as the Flex series and its strength is the excellent performance. The standing out styling also makes it to be a unique car.

We cannot deny that the main attraction for 2017 Ford Flex instantly people will get is its styling since it offers uniqueness. It is not surprising that the car could be the survivor to deal with tighter competition among other SUV cars. Rumors stated that there will be some updates to offer to keep its popularity.

2017 Ford Flex Concept


In order to amaze you, this great SUV will get something more for its outer part. The exterior styling surely will be improved to give more modern look. Ford is possible to give more iconic design for this latest version such as giving thinner headlights with the support of LED lamps technology. In addition, it can go with stylish grille with chrome accent. One thing that Ford would never change is its boxy style that is the trademark of 2017 Ford Flex.


You may say that the exterior part of the car is designed with retro style and that is the uniqueness for this boxy car. But, when you go inside, there will be more amazing design to offer. The cabin for this new 2017 Ford Flex is quite promising to be spacious. It happens because the boxy design. Still based on rumors, some features will be updated including the safety system such as traction control, stability, six airbags and others. We glad to hear that there will be a new audio system too.


Although we found many reports mentioned that there will be some new touches added, we found no indication at all for its mechanical specification. Rumors predicted that Ford will not change or give any improvement at all for its performance since the current engine is quite great enough. It means that 2017 Ford Flex will retain the current engine that is Ecoboost V6 3.6 liter.

Release Date and Price

As you have read above that several tweaks are possible to be added in this car but until we are writing this report, we found no leaked information yet from the company insider. We only found a strong rumor mentioned that the announcement for 2017 Ford Flex could be at the end of 2016 and the price tag is still unpredictable.

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