2017 Ford Mustang SVT GT 500 Review

Wednesday, April 15th 2015. Ford

2017 Ford Mustang SVT GT 500 Front Angle2017 Ford Mustang could be your best option if you love racing. It is categorized as a unique car with the new look. Ford will support it with the attractive and stylish design. This pony car will also start its domination in the market by producing higher output compared to the predecessor, Ford Shelby GT 500 with its 662 horses. The gentle color helps a lot to make it more beautiful for both outside and inside. We have found some possible features inside 2017 Mustang.


As we have told you before that the design of this new edition will be the main prior to attract buyers. The exterior is built with the combination of black and white and this car is quite stylish. Its best shape helps a lot to make it more elegant. The white color will give a beautiful affect around its elegant black. It is not surprising that 2017 Ford Mustang will make you fall in love at the very first sight.


2017 Ford Mustang is very possible to come out with the new engine that has not been confirmed yet by the official. As a new generation, it is expected to be produced as 2017 model.


2017 Ford Mustang also has beautiful features to offer. Because the design is quite exceptional and high quality, the cabin and bodywork is quite great to make it comfortable.


What we could find out at this time is about the prototype but it means a lot for us. Through its prototype, we could discover more interesting points about 2017 Ford Mustang. This new version looks light on the right track which is ready to be launched. The front part is covered with the camouflaged look. We found that the nose design is quite aggressive with the wider air intakes than the previous model. It is quite different from the previous model, Shelby GT 500 with the smaller intake. In addition, the company will retain the current large hood power bulge with the larger heat extractor hood around the front. From the prototype, we also could see the functional vents featured this new version around the front wheels with the functional rear spoiler to complete the quad-tip exhaust pipes. The company also keeps the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that are hidden around the multi-spoke camo wheels and the cross-drilled rotors for both front and rear. It is not surprising that this new styling for its wheels is pretty impressive.

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