2017 GMC Yukon Denali

Friday, September 25th 2015. GMC

2017 GMC YukonThe General Motors Company tries to redesign the new full-size crossover SUV that is 2017 GMC Yukon. This car will come out with the nice improvement so that the new design and style will make the comfortable. The powerful of this new SUV will have high quality. It can produce the high performance in fuel economy and top speed. Besides that, the 2017 Yukon will also have the modern features.

2017 GMC Yukon Interior and Exterior

Inside of this car will be more modern and elegant with the features and the decoration. The seats of 2017 GMC Yukon will have the nice leather. Besides that, there is the brushed colored metallic element for making the nice accent. The manufacturer will also improve the technology systems inside. The display screen, navigation systems, Internet connectivity, climate control, and the gearshift will complete the modern features inside.

This new SUV will come out with the better place. The new platform will be built this car that is K2UG platform. The better improvement in the front side will make the 2017 GMC Yukon is more impressive and aggressive. This car will have a chrome grille, headlights, fog lights, cutback front bumper, and new wheels. The wheels will have better dimension size that is 18 inch.

2017 GMC Yukon Engine Specs

Luckily, this new car will have the high powerful from two engine options under the hood. For the first option, the 2017 GMC Yukon will have a 5.3 liter V8 engine. This engine will deliver outputs 355 horsepower and about 383 pounds feet of torque. Then, the second option will have high quality of powerful. A 6.2 liter V8 engine will be applied under the hood. It can produce high outputs that are 420 horsepower and 480 pounds feet of torque. The reason this car use V8 engine because the engine can produce the better power and can improve the better fuel consumption. The fuel consumption will be produced by using a special cylinder deactivation system.

2017 GMC Yukon Release Date and Price

Based on the rumor, the 2017 GMC Yukon will have the competitive price. The manufacturer probably will give the base price between $48.000 up to $71.000. This car will launch in the next year, 2016. The General Motors Company hopes that this new SUV will increase the demand in the market and increase the popularity in the automobile industry.

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