2017 Honda Civic Si, Type R and Hatchback

Monday, March 30th 2015. Honda

New Honda Civic Front AngleIf the coming of 2017 Honda Civic is under the reason of tight competition and in the name of being exist, we cannot deny it. All automakers need to do something when the huge demand is on the market and some strong rivals are ready to have a battle. That is why the company considers giving some new updates for this new version. It is ready to come out as a coupe and sedan. The home to start its debut is in Europe and later it will be back to nation for all fans.

There is a big indication that the new 2017 Honda Civic is possible to come in the American market. The significant changes are ready to be presented but it is impossible to see any radical changes. It is an overhauled model that will not be too far from the previous model.

2017 Honda Civic Redesign

The main highlight offered in this version is about the presence of front wheel drive that will complete the standard version. It has amazing design with more modern bodywork. We have mentioned to you that the new 2017 Honda Civic is ready to complete the market with sedan and coupe variant. It is expected that some new touches are added to keep it up among other strong rivals in the same segment.

New Civic Body Styling

For the styling, it seems that the car has more modern look compared to the current model. It is not surprising if later 2017 Honda Civic has something more impressive than before. The upside is designed by Honda to give nice performance for the fastback plan but it is a bit downsized from Porsche Panamera. This car will be the tenth edition so that the styling is something important to make it more modern.

New Civic Engine

As Japanese automaker, we have no doubt that Honda with their big reputation is able to give something for 2017 Honda Civic to make it stand out among other cars. At this moment, people are expecting to see the huge enhancements especially for the engine. Unfortunately, we cannot predict yet about what type of the engine and what is the engine specification until this day because the little information cannot support us to know more.

In short, 2017 Honda Civic is quite possible to be more prominent with the lower motor discharge for ASEAN market especially Thailand.

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