2017 Honda Pilot

Thursday, March 26th 2015. Honda

New Honda Pilot Front Angle2017 Honda Pilot has a new platform to complete it as a new version. With this platform, it is able to offer spacious cabin. At this time, people are anticipating the major enhancements and improvements for the second and the third row. The space is enlarged with the increased volume capacity for the back part. In addition, there is backed pilot seats in the second row with one touch rear chair access, multiple headphone jacks for Blu Ray entertainment program at the rear, I-Pads and much more in 2017 Honda Pilot.

2017 Honda Pilot Design

This new car is built with three rows of seats and the dimensions will be changed with various locations. The wheelbase is increased to give better aerodynamic feature. The design will be simpler because the company has big prior for its enhanced attributes and capabilities. There will be some similarities of 2017 Honda Pilot with the new Acura MDX through the support of aluminum components with lighter bodyweight than the previous model to give better gas economy. The company will retain the current square appearance but it will be a bit refreshed through little changes in 2017 Honda Pilot.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Unofficial reports mentioned that this new edition is possible to go with V6 engine 3.5 liter to produce about 290 horsepower and also 267 lb-ft of twisted torque. This engine is paired to six-speed auto transmission to deal with four-wheel drive system. The alternative transmission for 2017 Honda Pilot is six-speed transmission for front-wheel drive system. The front wheel drive system is supported with electrical power through CVT gearbox. You could find out planet drams and VTEC technology system in this car to get increased gas economic so you could save fuel with this car.

2017 Honda Pilot will go with some enhancements with the price tag that will be higher than the previous model. The base version has the price tag about $30,000 with the back sight cam, boat vacation control, steering wheel commands and much more. It is issued that the car is also equipped with new climate control system. We do expect that the company would like to show off their innovation to deal with the war of technology and features among new cars. This way will be helpful to keep their reputation and to keep the existence of Honda Pilot. With those improvements, the car could stand out among the main rivals with significant sales record.

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