2017 Lincoln MKS Sedan

Tuesday, April 21st 2015. Lincoln

The 2017 MKSLincoln is expected to release its new car which is called 2017 Lincoln MKS. At this time, the rumors for its arrival are very huge. It is mentioned that the car is quite possible to release in 2016. It looks like that it will be delayed so that it is prepared as the 2017 or 2018 model year. This new edition is coming with the same design as the upcoming Continental. Before, 2017 Lincoln MKS is rumored to be discontinued for its production and it will be developed as the Lincoln Continental Sedan but this rumor is fake.

2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign

As the second generation, this car is built with the luxury concept. It is designed by Max Wolff whom was previously designed Cadillac. In this case, 2017 Lincoln MKS is possible to offer new styling with the smooth lines that is combined with the aggressive look through some sharp lines. The car has a new look especially for the rear windows and the new styling is available for the hood and grille. Some unofficial sites also mentioned that 2017 Lincoln MKS has some features and styles from the other cars in MK-Series since it is planned as a crossover with the modern and futuristic look. This theme is also applied for the cabin but there are no details yet.

2017 Lincoln MKS Engine

About the engine option, we found the leaked information. We have no doubt to say that the car is supported with V6 engine EcoBoost 2.9 liter and the Ecoboost V6 engine 3.5 liter for the optional but there is no confirmation yet from Lincoln. 2017 Lincoln MKS with the first engine will be added for the base version that is able to produce about 300 horses. The optional engine is able to generate for about 350 to 400 horses with the support of nine-speed transmission for both engines.

2017 Lincoln MKS Market Apperance

It is hard to predict about when the company will release it and how much the cost for buyers. The car surely is designed to deal with some strong rivals in American market including Lexus ES and also Cadillac XTS. 2017 Lincoln MKS as the new generation will be presented in China since the company would like to extend its market. The previous model was known well as the best-selling luxury brands and its popularity goes down right now. That is why Lincoln tries another market for its existence.

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