2017 Lincoln Navigator

Sunday, March 29th 2015. Lincoln

The New Lincoln NavigatorHave you heard about the current model of Lincoln Navigator? It just debuted at Chicago Auto Show and we think that it will not long again. In 2017, Lincoln is ready to come out with their brand new SUV that is quite luxurious and it is made of aluminum called 2017 Lincoln Navigator. For the current model, it is built with some significant refreshments because it quite popular as an SUV that has been debuted since 2007. There is a big indication about the upcoming version that should be introduced at the second half of 2016 for 2017 model year. It is using aluminum platform to reduce the current weight. It seems the platform will be the same as 2015 Ford F-150 which was able to cut more than 700 pounds. This condition is also expected for 2017 Lincoln Navigator.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Exterior and Interior

We have found some reports indicated if 2017 Lincoln Navigator is possible to come out with the same appearance from the predecessor. The company considers retaining the current body language since it is the part of their trademark to be unique. We glad to know that there will be some slight improvements to make it a bit modern to attract buyers. With the aluminum platform, it could be the determiner for the future generation of Lincoln Navigator. The performance is enhanced with more aerodynamic and the reduced fuel consumption. To complete its significant improvements, the company will redesign the grille and the tail lights.

2017 Lincoln Navigator has roomy and comfortable cabin to offer with the ample space for leg and head. The features are more entertaining too. It sounds nice when we heard that the dashboard will get more innovative features including MyLincoln infotainment system and digital speedometer that could be available around the control panel.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Engine

From the current model, we found Triton V8 engine 5.4 liter but it looks like that the company will not keep it. People are speculating that 2017 Lincoln Navigator is possible to go with V6 engine 3.5 liter in order to produce about 370 horsepower and also 430 pounds-feet of torque. Other rumors said that there will be a hybrid engine variant but we need to wait more to know the detail specifications. Rumors said that under the hood of this new version could get upgraded 3.6 liter for low fuel consumption demand.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Release Date, Price, Competitors

We have told you at the very first place that 2017 Lincoln Navigator is possible to be revealed sometime in 2016 so that the sales could be in 2017. For the price, we think it should not be more than $35,250 and the tight competitor will be Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition, Nissan Patrol and Lexus LX.

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