2017 Mercedes CLS Release Date and Price

Sunday, August 16th 2015. Mercedes-Benz

2017 Mercedes CLS Front AngleAt this moment, the rumors of 2017 Mercedes CLS is getting louder. It is reported that this car is still under the development after it was spied on road for driving test performance. The design is full of camouflage and it is the indication that there will be something new around its outer part. Considering that the competition is more advanced, Mercedes will have a big commitment to offer some refreshments.

It is hard to deny that this car is one of the best products on its segment as a premium medium sedan. It will compete with some strong rivals and therefore, 2017 Mercedes CLS will get some updates.

2017 Mercedes CLS Specs


It is quite possible to see the change around the engine side for its mechanical detail. Based on rumors, the car is quite promising to get new engine as the best solution in order to offer better output and mileage. Some sources reported that 2017 Mercedes CLS has V6 engine that is used for the base trim and the most powerful trim will go with V8 engine and 4.0 liter twin-turbo. However, there are no details yet for the output, acceleration, fuel consumption and top speed.


The case is quite different for the outer part of the car which is quite easy to be found through some sources. It is reported that the company supports it with camouflage when it was spied on road and it is the indication that there are some possible changes to offer. It will go with the new exterior styling and we are pretty sure that the grille, bumper and other small details will get minor revisions to refresh 2017 Mercedes CLS.


Not only has the engine that is hard to get known for its details, but the cabin also. We do not know whether there will be some changes available for the cabin or not. All reports are still very minimal to be found. There is no rendered picture that could show us about the cabin design. The last thing we could do is only expecting that there will be some improvements including for the features and technology in this 2017 Mercedes CLS.

Release Date and Price

Since it is still under the development and it has camouflaged design, it seems that the company will release it soon. Rumors stated that the possible release date could be sometime in 2016 with the price tag that is still a big mystery to reveal. Therefore, we need to wait this 2017 Mercedes CLS.

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