2017 Mercedes GL Class News

Tuesday, September 1st 2015. Mercedes-Benz

2017 Mercedes GL FaceliftMercedes will not only produce the sedan car, but they also ready to release the premium SUV called 2017 Mercedes GL. This car is strongly rumored to come out soon since it is the best weapon for Mercedes to strengthen their market dominance. Moreover, its predecessor are popular as a great SUV in premium class.

2017 Mercedes GL will be the answer in order to deal with the more advanced competition on the premium SUV class and to make it as the best choice, some new things are possible to be added by Mercedes. They might support it with several improvements.

2017 Mercedes GL Engine

2017 Mercedes GL regardless the fact will get new engine to give better fuel economy. That is the main prior for the official to attract buyers. It is reported that the engine could go with the new smaller V6 engine and 3.0 liter with the capability to crank out the output for more than 333 horsepower. We glad to hear that there will be two engine variants to offer either petrol or diesel. Surely they will announce the details on the right time based on their schedule.

2017 Mercedes GL Exterior

Although many reviews predicted that the car will go with some changes, it does not mean that the company will create total makeover. They will keep some parts from the current model since it is the trademark of 2017 Mercedes GL. The most obvious part that will be carried over in the future is the bodywork. It is still as long as the predecessor and it has better design because the minor revisions added around it. Therefore, the design is possible to be more modern and stylish compared to the previous model.

2017 Mercedes GL Interior

The last part that will be the concern for the official is about the interior. Some parts are unchanged and the styling is still the same as the predecessor. It is still a premium car with great cabin design because the support of high-quality materials. According to rumors, this new premium SUV will get minor updates such as the entertainment and safety system for 2017 Mercedes GL.

2017 Mercedes GL Release Date and Price

At the time of writing this report, we gain no confirmation yet given by the official especially about the answer for its release date. It should be released on the market soon at the first half of 2016. We expect that the price tag will be slightly higher than the current $65,000 because the improvements around 2017 Mercedes GL.

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